About RKS Associates

In September of 1980 RKS Associates opened the Alpha School of Jackson, NJ with Ruth Reinhard as Principal. In October of that year, RKS purchased the Harbor School of Eatontown, NJ with Jean Stack as Principal. A year later, The Gateway School of Carteret opens with Loretta Kennedy as Principal.

A few years later, Ruth, Jean and Loretta became Administrative Directors once the schools grew in its ability to offer a comprehensive level of both therapeutic and real-world experiences for its students. The mission of RKS Associates is based on the common interests in providing students and staff with a creative atmosphere so that both would be able to maximize their potential.

In addition, the quality of the educational programs and the goals in equipping the students to apply themselves in the "real-world" are paramount in our mission across all of our schools.

About Our Network of Schools

Each of our schools offer a ten-month program that includes a wide range of services including speech, occupational, and physical therapy. In conjunction, music, computers, phys ed, and vocational training is also part of our curriculum. In addition, we also incorporate an extended year program with the full range of services which enables the students to experience continuity in there special needs.

Our extensive staff for all three schools includes: Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers for the Handicapped, Teachers Assistants, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Transition Coordinators, Employment/Vocational Specialists, Physical Education Teachers, Speech Therapists, Music Teachers, LDTC's, Nurses, Custodians, as well as complete administrative staffs including controllers, human resources, payroll, secretaries, bookkeepers, and clerical assistants.

Our schools have grown to averaging over 100 students in each school. They come from a variety of counties from up to over 40 districts. Our average staff per school is over 70.


Our Administrative Directors

Ruth Reinhard RKS Associates

Ruth H. Reinhard has been employed as an elementary school teacher, a learning disabilities teacher consultant and an administrator with the New Jersey State Department of Education. Her educational background includes a BA, and an MA in education. Ruth holds certifications which include Elementary School teacher, LDTC, Teacher of the Handicapped, Principal, Supervisor and Administrator.

Jean Stack RKS Associates

V.Jean Stack has functioned as a speech pathologist, special education teacher and as a private school administrator. She has a BA in education and speech correction and an MA in speech pathology. Her professional certifications include Early Childhood, Elementary School Teacher, Teacher of the Handicapped, Speech/Language Specialist, Principal, Supervisor and Administrator.